The Marathon 1919

The Marathon (1919) Comedy, Short | 10min | 25 May 1919 (USA) 6.2
Director: Alfred J. GouldingStars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, 'Snub' PollardSummary: A beautiful young woman has a number of suitors who would like her hand. If her boxing champ father has his way, he will choose who will be the last man standing in his daughter's life. That last man is a spendthrift, but is regardless the father's choice. Along comes a bespectacled young man who also wants the girl's hand. The father still sticks to his first choice, he believing the bespectacled man a desperado. As such, the police are called in to deal with the bespectacled desperado, who in turn decides to elude the police by hiding in plain sight. What ends up happening between the police, the bespectacled young man, the spendthrift, the beautiful young woman and her father is affected by the fact that a men's marathon is being run in town this day. Written by Huggo


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